Welcome to OIS Outreach, Oberoi International School’s first student-run CAS and community Blog!

To get started, click on the “Latest Articles” tab. You will see a stream of articles that’s updated periodically. If you see an article that interests you, you can go through it and start a discussion in the comments section. Share the article links if you have really enjoyed reading!

We at OIS Outreach aim to build an online community dedicated to CAS that includes students, parents, teachers, staff, and eventually, people from other schools too.

There is a strong philosophy behind this blog and our initiative. We want people to question themselves as individuals doing CAS. We want people to be critical of themselves and develop an honest understanding of their actions as a part of CAS.

We warmly invite you to our community and hope that you have a contribution to make! We want this platform to be dynamic in terms of perspective; we believe that the sharing and acceptance of perspectives is the best form of ideological progress, because it brings out humility in individuals and empathy in the community.

~OIS Outreach Team


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